IMPORTANT: Forehead Coverage Options

Yesterday, I had to get a patch of potentially pre-cancerous skin frozen off my forehead.

Just a Band-Aid on my huge forehead

No forehead coverage

As I was getting ready to leave the house, I had a split-second thought that perhaps I could cover up this Band-Aid. Here’s what that might have looked like:

Photo 12

This one reminds me of the time I dressed as Christina Aguilera for Halloween and my downstairs neighbor was like, “Who are you supposed to be? Bret Michaels?”

Photo 20

Et tu, Axl?

Photo 24

Myself in junior high. Or Zoey Deschanel.

Photo 29

Howdy, Tex!

Photo 39

Fuck it. I’m a hippie. I have a Band-Aid on my head. Deal with it.

Photo 43

The Contessa. I did watch Under the Tuscan Sun recently.

Photo 56

That chick is so sporty in that flattened liquor store swag hat.

Photo 60

I can’t ride my bike because I still have a fractured ankle, but safety first.

Photo 61

The ’90s are back, right? I mean, apparently. Look at that TV in the background.

This last one makes me think I should totally go as Alanis Morrisette for Halloween this year. Maybe I’ll see my old downstairs neighbor and he’ll be like, “Hey, where’s Silent Bob?” To which I will reply, “Fuck you, Matt! I no longer want to hump you so bad!”