Olympia, Wash., USA

I had the day off yesterday and the lovely Kat let me borrow her car, so I took a day trip to Olympia, which is about an hour drive from the farm in Eatonville. The first thing I noticed was people here kinda drive like dicks. No wonder it is the birthplace of grunge music.

And there are a lot of roundabouts:

roundaboutRoundabouts work great if everyone knows how to use them, but if you are not in the correct lane, you can find yourself circling around endlessly like the Griswolds in European Vacation. (Look kids, Big Ben… Parliament…)

Before Carrie Brownstein started Portlandia, and before she was one of my favorite commentators on NPR music, she was in a band called Sleater Kinney.

The band named themselves after the road. Not the church.

The band named themselves after the road. Not the church.

Once I got to downtown Olympia, I went to a thrift store called Dumpster Values. They had quite a selection of flannel shirts (still!). I’m actually not sure if these are the same flannel shirts from the ’90s, or if flannel shirts have now gone a complete fashion cycle, and are only recently back in style.

Take that, Angela Chase!

Take that, 1990s! I WILL buy the exact same shirt as Angela on My So Called Life.

They also have wigs and records and shit.

The girl at Dumpster Values suggested a coffee place:

After the coffee shop, I happened upon a bunch of people creating floats for the annual Procession of the Species parade, which takes place this weekend. It’s an Earth Day event as well as a celebration of local artists. The only rules for the floats are that they can’t use motorized vehicles, pets, or written words.

Then I saw this cool record store:

And ate at this hippie place:

traditions2 traditions

And saw some of the other downtown Oly sites:

I’m pretty sure this is what was happening at the farm while I was away:

kaley and gracie

Gracie and Kaley shooting at shit with a crossbow “pistol”

ladies of the farm

Everyone else doing gymnastics and riding horses.

It’s just like camp!


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