Notes from the farm



This is day 6 of my farm adventure and I am starting to get the hang of things. I have mucked a lot of stalls…

I’ve done various other things, like hoof-trimming, dog-walking, kid-playing, and goat-feeding…

These are the kinds of outfits I wear now:


But the main thing we do here is milk the goats. We milk around 20 goats each morning and night:

milk list

They come in four goats at a time and we load them onto the stanchions:

milk portrait

Then we handmilk them a bit:

Handmilking is a lot harder than it looks!

Handmilking is a lot harder than it looks!


Then we hook ’em up to the milk tubes…


milk tubesIt’s about this point when I think to myself, um, what the HELL AM I DOING HERE? I am not going to be a farmer. I don’t think I will ever own goats. Or cows. Or anything else with an udder. So why am I doing this?

The answer I have come up with is that, even if I am not going to own a farm, I still care where my food comes from. I care about the animals that feed me and the people who raise those animals. I will never again balk at paying more for locally-made, small-farm-made products. In fact, I will seek them out. I see how much time, effort, and love goes into making just one gallon of milk. And I feel so blessed to witness it. It is an absolute blessing that these beautiful animals (and people) help to feed us!

Then, after milking, we usually just hang out a lot.

liquor juanis goat books

Wish me luck in week 2!


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