Doin’ it Denver style

IMG_0118I had to run some errands in Denver, so I decided to make a day of it. I started at City O’ City, where I partook of WAY too much vegetarian gravy. It is just too delicious. If I had gone for lunch, I would have had the seitan wings. I feel sorry for you gluten-free people who can’t appreciate these little delicious morsels. I say, give me ALL THE GLUTEN.

IMG_0117Then it was off to the Denver Art Museum. They were in between traveling exhibitions, so I just explored the permanent collection. I have seen it before, but there was something magical about being there on a weekday. It was practically deserted.

You don’t really go to the DAM for modern art—they have some impressive stuff, including this awesome new installation of some sexy American foxes. (There’s a bunch more than this.)

And they have a Yoshitomo Nara. I love Nara. His subjects are usually sweet-faced children doing bad things—like swearing, playing with matches and weapons and such. My BFF has a Nara alarm clock. Every hour, on the hour, it says, “FUCK!”


Quiet, Quiet by Yoshitomo Nara

But the real attractions at the DAM are its collections of artifacts, clothing, and visual arts from North American indigenous people, South America, Asia, and the American West. It feels like a world history museum.

The way that they have all of the Native American clothing displayed makes this room feel inhabited by ghosts. It is a sad place, but also very beautiful. (Click on the images for a slideshow.)

I was all alone in the South American collection, except for the lone museum employee whose job it is to wander the halls. I didn’t catch his name, but we chatted about Austin and stuff. I could hear him whistling as he walked through the galleries.

And the Asian collection…

I almost cried at how amazing all of this stuff is. I must be hormonal or going through a midlife crisis or some shit.


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