Watch out for this guy

Yesterday I was sitting on the patio at a coffee shop, when I felt like someone was watching me. Then, I saw this dude who was kind of hanging off to the side, in the shadows, like he was obviously trying not to be seen.

At first, I thought I was just being paranoid, but every time I looked up, he was staring RIGHT at me. I got so creeped out that I asked for my check. As I was waiting to get a box for the rest of my sandwich, the dude started looking at me REALLY weird. I tried to just play it off, but there was something just not right him. He was bald, and had these super intense eyes like Rasputin or something. I couldn’t quite place his ethnicity, but I suspect he wasn’t from around here, because he had this shiny black coat with iridescent blue around the collar like he was getting ready to go clubbing in Prague or something.

The good news is that I managed to get a picture of him. So be warned!


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