Seeking marketing interns

Are you looking to gain valuable real-world experience in a fast-paced environment? Are you a proactive, creative problem solver with out-of-the-box ideas? Do you have a car? Does your apartment have a pool? Do you have a reliable weed source? Then this might just be the internship for you.

As my personal marketing intern, you will:

Monitor and report on the success of my Facebook posts. How long did it take for someone to respond to my funny post about the toaster oven at work? How many ‘likes’ on that latest cat video?

Tweet anything funny I say. I could set myself up on Twitter and learn how to use it, but who has the time? You’re young and it’s easy for you. I am old enough to remember when we had to spell out @ in actual letters and when “hashtag” was what happened on the way to the airport in Malaysia.

Assist with networking and relationship building. Occasionally, I will need you to accompany me to events to raise visibility and awareness of me.

Required skills: High school degree, GED, or 2+ years experience as the relative or close personal friend of someone who can get me on the list for rock shows and/or give me free food. Excellent communication and time management skills required. FileMaker Pro a plus. Serious inquiries only.


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