The only 10 reasons to buy these tiny bottles of wine

10. You are 9 years old and building up your tolerance.

9. A mogul has promised to give you a zillion dollars if you spend $6.50 and have absolutely nothing to show for it.

8. Your Barbie wants hilariously oversized magnums of wine for her bachelorette party.

7. You are 15 and don’t realize that there are cheaper, equally-shitty tasting alcohols that will get you way more fucked up.

6. You like small things and not everyone has a drinking problem, so fuck off.

5. You only buy travel-sized items.

4. That Bon Appetit from six years ago that you have in your bathroom says single-serve wine is in.

3. You are playing a drinking game with your grandma.

2. Someone dared you.

1. It’s your first time with your girlfriend and you want everything else to look bigger.


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